Monday, July 21, 2008

Trading Deadline

Yankees biggest problem is the starting pitching, that obviously goes without saying, they need to acquire a 3-4 starter and anything better than a 3-4 is a bonus. another thing they cant linger over is that wang returning, nothing is automatic.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Steroid Pinstripe Prospect.

Well Well Well. Bonds him self, a lefty(thelast thing the yankees need) with the short porch in right. Well, unfortunately we live in Nyc the place where ridicule isnt naturally welcomed I.E. yankees signing bonds because of the media coverage and bashing with his indictment. but really what do you have to loose, he is free untill march 2009, can be a full time DH and provide much needed runsupport behind our pitching that hasnt been so bad with the exception of rasner. i say go and get im, seeing is fat ass in pinstripes will be pretty odd at first but as long as hes jacking them out of the park and like i said providing some runs hitting infront of alex, it will make the lineup much more feared. lead the league in on base percentage last uear, so put him infront of arod, and every time he hits one out of the park thats another run potientally on the board. abreu hasnt cut the cake for me this year, sure hes supposed to take alot of pitches and leads the team in RBI but still, he gives up far too many outs to be in the number 3 hole. say damon or jeter get on base, then abreu gets out or hits into a double play thats massive trouble for the offense and stunts the order from getting to alex. dont get me wrong, alex is pretty much a streak hitter but not for nothing he is the best in the game and when hes hot hes HOT. thats my thoughts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mets/Rockies III

One hell of a game, i just got in, and for a yankee fan i really enjoyed that one. beltrans homerun was litereally right infront of my eyes. overall a good game. pelfrey dominated worked out of an early jam and they did a great tribute to big bobby murcer. a moment of silence in his honor followed by a standing ovation

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mets V.s. Rockies

Everyone's favorite southpaw Ollie Perez 6-5 4.62 versus Aaron Cook 11-6 3.66 . Good matchup the word on the streets is that Oliver likes to go ahead and pitch well in big games infact 5 of his wins come against teams with winning records. and i think 4 of his losses come via the shotty team. Thats the kind of inconsistency that leads to your team being up 7 games with 17 left and missing the playoffs by 1. But what can you do. His real problem seems to be with 3 ducks on the pond he has a .376 BAA. We all know he loves to walk a batter with 54 in 91 IP. On the other side of the diamond Aaron Cook is second in the Mlb with 6.8 IP per start( at least thats what the TV said. He goes deep into ball games, isnt much of a strike out guy but walks hardly ANY! hes at 132.2 ip this season with an outstanding 30 walks. mets whacked him around before but this time may be different. Are the Mets seeing how Holliday reacts to the NY crowd since we know the met fan loves him and desperately wants him to be a corner outfielder for the Metropolitants

Yankees VS. Blue Jays

Interesting pitching matchup for sure! Joba is 2-2 with a 2.45 ERA with only one win coming as a starter. Then you got Roy Halladay who we know has deflated numbers and inflated numbers, the wins being deflated and the losses being inflated at 10-6, one thing we all know is that an ERA is one statistic that doesnt lie and his is at 2.88. If you dont know about Joba's stuff, well then obviously you've been in a coma for the last 11 months. But Halladays stuff is down right FILTHY. I love the guy's pitching mechanics, kinda turny and i heard Singleton say it can lead to arm problems that he has had in the past but watching this guy's off speed pitches it looks like hes throwing a WHIFFLEBALL! If he doesnt get the Cy Young award and keeps these numbers up its sheer robery. He is on a terrible offensive team but still goes out there and does his job and doesnt let it affect his performance. As for the lineups, for a change we see HIP HIP Jorge! behind the dish, thank god toronto isnt a speedy team. As I was saying the lineup. *ahem*
1 Gardner- in left with his .138 avg.
2 Jeter- starting to get hot at the plate.
3 Abreu- Numbers have been the same , hovering around .275
4 Alex-
5 Giambi- cant consider it a snub that he didnt make the team, Longoria has SOME numbers
6 Posada- as i said, he cant cry now hes got a game to call
7 Cano- if you ever want to trade him like i know plenty do, now is the time, hes been hot
8 Betemit- playing first base, why we traded proctor for this guy is beside me
9 Melky- well im waiting for him to get hot.

In conclusion its really annoying to watch girardi baby the pitchers like moose the other day against the bosox, how do you have 6 ip. 89 pitches and like 4 hits and get taken out? sure we won but hes gotten lucky some of these playstation like desicions havent come back to bite him in the ... One question remains, will joba ever make it into the 8th inning?